Meet James

Here’s our boy.


We are smitten.

James is proving to be a lot like his sister was at this age; very easy-going, pretty quiet, but super happy. I have a fear that I will forget him somewhere because he’s so quiet. He smiles, laughs and loves baths and hanging in his bouncy chair. He eats like the rest of his family, voraciously, and people always balk when I tell them he’s only 3 months old. That’s my boy.

He has a complexion I am envious of. Some of his father’s Ecuadorian roots have overpowered my own pasty white genes, and he has the most beautiful olive colored skin.

He adores watching his big sister.  This literally melts my heart.  Reese’s presence alone can stop James’s rare tears and her voice brings a smile. These feelings are rarely reciprocated but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Right now, at almost 4 months old, he sleeps pretty well. He usually falls asleep in his bouncy chair downstairs, then around 8:30 or 9 I move him to his crib where he will sleep until 3 or 4. I nurse him and put him back to sleep in the co-sleeper in our room until 6 or 7.

The first few months were tough. Really tough. Not because James was a difficult baby (we were blessed with two fairly easy babies so I know I shouldn’t complain), but because the two of them together kicked our asses. And we had lots of help! I remember dying for James to be old enough to sleep more so I could get 4 or 5 uninterrupted hours of sleep in a row. Now I feel like his first few months have come and gone much too quickly. Someone asked me when we would start him on solid food recently and I thought, “Oh my god, is he almost ready for food already!?”

Not my baby!







Potty Training Part Deux

According to mom message boards, “poop phobia” is  a real thing.

If in fact this is true, then Reese has it.

Since we began offering an M&M every time Reese went in the potty, we got her to go pee in the potty on a regular basis. I swear she can pee on command now, and the potty is now becoming something she sits on when she feels like a snack.

On occasion she will still go in her pull-up, and she still wears a diaper at night.

Number two however, is a different story. This is a gross post, just to warn you, but this is my life now.

Reese has gone number two in the potty maybe three times, and these times always involved sitting on the potty for long  periods of time. Like 45 minutes. It also involved screaming and last-minute frantic pleas for a diaper. There is clearly a fear of going in the potty but I thought if she just did it once, she would see it wasn’t scary and she would be over it. Not so.

Every day during “rest time”, which would be more aptly named “take all the books out of the shelf and throw them on the floor, knock over your hamper and kick it across the room, jump on your bed, bang your cup on the wall repeatedly and throw blocks at the door” time, Reese does her “business.” It is not pretty. When rest time is over and I open her bedroom door, she often greets me with, “there’s poop on my back.”

If we miss rest time one day, then there is no numero dos.  This is the only time she will do it; alone in her room, in her pull-up. I have even tried watching her on the monitor and when I think she is about to go, running upstairs and busting in to try to get her to the potty in time.

As I write this, I am realizing for the first time how creepy that sounds.

When I did this, she didn’t go for three more days. Pretty sure I made her feel that she wasn’t safe anywhere.

And so that is where we are with this.

I look forward to the days when there is no poop on anyone’s back but I know these are far off. In the mean time, if anyone has any ideas for dealing with this please let me know. I will try anything at this point.



Talking Back

Andrew: Reese, if you want me to read you stories, you have to lay down in your bed.

Reese: You can leave now.


<Whenever James begins to cry>

Reese: Hold on James!

I am so busted.


Reese: I’m making soup

Andrew: Oh really? What is in your soup?

Reese: Squirrels and people

Cause for concern?


GooseWaddle Blanket Review

FebMarch2014 004_phixr

Before Mr. James was born I received an email from a rep at GooseWaddle asking me to write a product review of their baby blankets.  As much as I like reading reviews on other blogs, it wasn’t something I originally wanted to do in this space; but the allure of free stuff has won me over.

GooseWaddle sent me a gift set that included a full-sized baby blanket, a baby blankie (we call these “lovies”, those little squares of fabric lined with satin that babies looooove) and a bonus bespectacled toy goose (hilarious.)

I wasn’t expecting to be super impressed by a baby blanket, but we LOVE this one. The blanket is incredibly soft and fluffy and James spent many of his first days wrapped up in it with just his diaper on.  Even after washing it has remained like new. It’s warm and thick so it was ideal for the March weather when we were bringing James home from the hospital, and even now we use it for tummy time and playtime on the floor.  I can’t say I ‘d mind being swaddled in this blanket myself.

The entire gift set goes for $105 and the blanket alone is $65 and comes in a choice of blue, pink or white. When I placed my order James hadn’t been born yet so I went with a neutral white and somehow it is still white.

These blankets aren’t cheap and I probably wouldn’t spend this kind of money on a blanket for myself, but that is what makes it a nice gift for new parents. It comes adorably packaged, and for every blanket purchased GooseSwaddle donates a blanket to a child in need. That makes us happy.


GooseWaddle provided me with a  complimentary gift set but the views expressed here are my own and I was not paid for this post. I promise I wouldn’t take the time to write a post about something I thought was crappy.

And Then There Were Four

FebMarch2014 092_phixr

I am happy to announce that I am no longer pregnant.

James Eli was born via C-section on March 5th, 2014 at 1:55 PM and has been charming the pants off us ever since. Isn’t he a handsome devil?

We are tired, busy and tired. Some days we don’t shower. Did I mention we are tired?

Big sister is warming up, ever so slowly, to her new little brother and we think they may be friends one day. Recently, she has begun showing genuine concern when I enter a room without James in my arms. She asks “What happened to James?”, and sometimes her tone sounds accusing.

Big changes happening in our house and once I stop using my “spare” time to eat, sleep or shower I will fill you in.

In the meantime, here are some pics of our first day with our beloved baby boy.

James 2 009_phixr James 2 018_phixr James 2 023_phixr

James 2 051_phixr


Good God. 40 Weeks and 2 Days.

jackie mar 2 2014 075_phixrNo sign of this baby yet.

Reese was ten days late and a little part of me is dying imagining the possibility of being pregnant for another 8 days.

Aside from attempting to eat myself into labor, I am not doing much else. I’m not sure how I feel about those weird natural methods for inducing labor that you read about, but talk to me in a few days and I may have changed my tune.

My “birth plan” (I use that term loosely) includes trying for a VBAC (or C-VAG as my brother-in-law referred to it ) so my doctor is trying to avoid induction for as long as possible,  because apparently risks can be increased by an induction. She said we will talk about our plan at my next appointment and we can “see how I feel.” I thought it was pretty clear how I feel. I mean look at me. But ok.

We had an ultrasound last week that showed a 7lb 12 oz baby.  I know that the weight estimates are rarely accurate, but I am relieved that they aren’t telling me I’m having a giant baby, like they did with Reese.

33 lbs gained. I cannot even believe the fact that I was a full 22 lbs heavier than this last time. What a beast.

And so we wait….Will keep you posted.

Talking Back

Reese: I want to touch Miles’s bum bum


Me: Reese if you don’t stop drinking the bath water out of that cup I am going to take the cup away.

<starts drinking bath water straight from the tub>

Reese: Mama gonna take the tub away?


Me: <One morning, after watching Reese pick up something off the floor and eat it> Reese, what is in your mouth?

Reese: It’s probably a piece of my dinner.


Reese: Are you ok, Jackie? <said to me in an ultra sympathetic/almost mocking voice, with head cocked to the side>

Big Girl Bed Still A Big Hit

We are probably setting a bad precedent, but Reese’s favorite thing to do is jump on her new bed. She says “I want to jump!” and she likes to have an audience when she does it. When her cousin joins, it is even more fun. My mom, sister and I were cracking up as the two of them went crazy on the bed (Mira got so crazy she lost her pants.)

There were some tumbles, a couple of collisions, and some run ins with the wall, but I think this my have been the best day of Reese’s life.





Oh My God I’m Huge. 36 Weeks

2014-01-01 2014-01-01 001 001_phixr

I am officially all set with being pregnant.

It kills to put on my shoes. I walk like I am 90 years old and have spent the day on a horse. I pee probably every 12 minutes.  I am living in a polar vortex and my coat no longer buttons over my belly. The baby moves constantly and when it kicks, it actually hurts. It feels like I have a 2-year-old in there.  Maternity pants are not even comfortable. I am itchy all over. The only place I am fully comfortable is in my bed, with my maternity pillow. It takes a little too long for me to get out of my car. I am thirsty all the time, thus contributing to the peeing problem. Reese keeps pointing to a freckle on my stomach and saying “baby” so we have gone wrong somewhere with our explanations.

Done complaining (for now), and hoping these last 4 weeks go by quickly. Was it this bad last time? I can’t remember.

Talking Back

Reese: <After giving me a hug then running across the kitchen> I run away from the baby!

Reese: I need to watch some Elmo

Reese: <standing at the top of the stairs calling down to me>: Jackie! Jackie! Are you down there?

Reese: <to Daddy>: Put on your coat jackass.
We have no idea where she learned this. Honestly. We try really hard not to swear around Reese and that is not even a swear word of choice for us! She does have a book about a mouse and a donkey and in the book the donkey is referred to as a jackass, but when we read it we always call it a donkey. We are mystified.